Letter to Hunter Class members,

Letter to Hunter Class members,

Dear Hunter Class member,

The carnage of our times will only prevail if we let it. 

To all of us that love our sport, this is a call to action.

Now more than ever we need to support our clubs, our classes and their events. I’ve had the privilege over the years to have visited most of our yacht clubs around the country. In general they are spectacularly wonderful places. This is a reminder of how beautiful these place are and right now they are going to need our support more than ever. Other than your fees, feet through the gates will protect these institutions.

As Hunter sailors we sail in the small keel boat sector. In years gone by one of the most important events in this sector was Keel Boat Week held at Deneysville Aquatic Club. The event is 24-27 September this year. I believe it is vital that we as yachtsman in this sector support this event to kickstart sailing. This is why the Hunter committee has decided to host our 2020 Nationals in conjunction with Keel Boat Week. If you own a Hunter please come.

If we do this. Maybe, just maybe we come out of this thing better off than we went into it. Afterall, don’t we all want to come out of the tack faster than when we went into it?


James King

Chairman Hunter Class Association

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