Update for Hunter Class Association Members.

Good morning,

This is just a quick heads-up for the remainder of the year.

·         KZN Provincial Championships. Your KZN representative Luke Wagner is busy with the NOR for the KZN champ’s scheduled for the weekend 24-25 September 2022. The NOR will be posted on the Hunterclass.com website ASAP.

·         SAS 75th celebration event (16-18 December 2022). At the AGM this year we voted to support this event as best we can. As many of our sailors will be supporting the main event on the Vaaldam in other classes, we have decided to hold the Hunter event at HBYC in the Western Cape. There are well over 30 boats in Houtbay now and it was also voted at the AGM to support Hunter sailing in Houtbay. This kills two birds with one stone. The Houtbay guys are busy with the organization already. The NOR will be published on the website next week. We are hoping for several boats to be made

available for charter at this event. I am most certainly going to enter my boat. They are planning a 6–7-mile Southeast beam reach from Kommertjie back to Houtbay on one of the days. CAN’T WAIT!

·         Nationals 2023 (18-21 March 2023). To be held at Deneysville Aquatic Club).

The NOR has been completed and submitted to SAS for ratification. After the unbelievably well-run Nationals hosted by WYAC for 2022 event, the committee and DAC has its hands full matching that effort. But try we will.

There is a strong possibility of 20 travelling boats making there way to DAC for this event. Now. The job at hand is to wake the keelboat behemoth that is the Vaal dam. Work on this endeavour has already begun. Once the NOR, SI and entry instructions are published, I will be pushing for early entries. We did this for the 2022 Nationals with great success.

Cheers James

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